Што нудиме

Slow Food, Art & Travel

Discover a different way to travel: no rush, no crowds, and no stress

We offer new experiences to discover Italy and Spain from a unique and personalized perspective, offering cultural immersion and avoiding mass tourism. Our main goals are for you to better enjoy your free time, without rushed and impossible schedules, and to discover local traditions through your senses.

We have developed five experiences, each of them based around food and active tourism through workshops. The five pillars of our programs are: enology, painting, sculpture, relaxation, and Spanish learning.

The Slow Movement…

…sets itself apart from mass tourism to offer us adventures and experiences that are authentic and true to the culture we are visiting. We understand that the only way to get to know a place is through its customs, traditions, and people. And, naturally, we should do this at our own pace. The traditional tourist circuit is often too simplistic, missing the cultural complexity and variety of a country and the particular quirks of each geographical corner. For this reason, we choose areas and localities that are normally ignored by mass tourism, but are more typical of the local culture than overcrowded spots. We look for allure and authenticity in the settings where we carry out all of our workshops. In harmony with our ecological principles, we bring together all of our programs in natural locations, so that you can enjoy the riches of the region without your experience being restricted to urban areas.

Explore the diversity of gastronomy

So that you can get close and fully integrate into the culture you are visiting, we have established a common thread to all our experiences: food. We avoid the standardization of cuisine because we know that Italy and Spain have much more to offer than pizza and paella.

For this reason, we look to connect visitors with local and regional food, educating them on the cultivation and production methods of each area. We support fair food and local business, ensuring the quality of all ingredients used in dishes. We make sure food is enjoyed in its own environment

Discover the province of Valladolid and its flavors. Home to many of the finest wines in the world, it offers the widest variety in the country thanks to its five wine appellations of origin. In this experience, you will immerse yourself in its culture while you get to know local’s favorite spots. Are you ready for a unique experience that will awaken your senses?

. Would you like to enjoy a tailor-made experience ?

At Slow Food, Art and Travel, we will design your bespoke event or experience, guaranteeing a unique and exclusive result. We will provide you with all our experience in order to shape your ideas into unforgettable adventures that you will help to design. Whether you need flexibility within any of our programs or a completely new one, we will help you to make your dream experience a reality.

There is no limit to your imagination, so talk with us about your project.



Our active sculpture workshop is perfect for art lovers who are looking for a vacation that is full of inspiration. During our workshops, you will be able to enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of Tuscany, create sculptures in the same place where Michelangelo and countless other artists have worked, and discover the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine. The professionals who will accompany you on this trip through the most inspirational corners of art are renowned Italian masters. Without doubt, it is a unique experience that you will never forget.

Whether you are a professional artist or just starting out in the world of art, in our workshops you will be able to discover or perfect different sculpting techniques, such as stone carving, wood modeling, silicone and plaster mold making and bronze fusion. You will put yourself in the shoes of a master artisan and create your own works in the cradle of sculpture, Pietrasanta, located next to Carrara, the city of marble. However, your trip will not stop there: you’ll have the opportunity to visit other cities full of art while soaking up Italian culture, cuisine and winemaking traditions.

Discover Slow Food Airbnb Experiences

Slow Food has launched a global partnership with Airbnb to promote sustainable tourism, by providing tourists with unique insights to local food cultures and debates while supporting our local network.

Slow Food and Airbnb work together to deliver social impact experiences – i.e. experiences hosted by non-profit organizations that connect travelers (and locals) to their cause.  This means that Airbnb waves its 20 % fee to Slow Food.

Your contribution, in addition to supporting the host, will help Slow Food implement projects worldwide to empower local communities, promote artisan farmers and producers, and support school gardens and education projects.